Travelling in Singapore

While having any conference tour or any family tour at Singapore you could need a car for your travelling and it is one of the necessities as the public transport is not a perfect mean to travel at anywhere and at any time as per your schedule. So renting a car from the rentals is very important. But being a newbie at Singapore you must be aware of the various risks related with the car driving and the breaking of the rules. The country is a small land and government is having a strict eye on its various measures of transports and its control over the areas in which they are running.

Rental services for you while you are on any official or personal tour to Singapore


So whether you are for the vacation or for any work purpose you need to contact with the car rentals. Car rental Singapore is very cheap and you need to have research on the types of discount that they serve to their clients. But it is always suggested to take some precautions before taking up a car on rent. First and foremost one is that you need to have a valid license for driving car in the country of Singapore. So confirm that you are having an international driving license with you so that it is not a problem to register yourself with a car rental.

Next is that you must look for the rental services which are having multiple branches in the locations that you are travelling. As it will be convenient for you to exchanges the services while you travel to some other places for a long period of time. Hover your search in the internet and you will get a lot of such information in the Google. So finding such services is not a problem at all for you to search and register online.

Good and quality services is always expected by the clients

Another thing is the quality service. You must desire to exchange some smiles and a good professional relationship with the rental service person instead of some bad arguments. So first before taking up the services check their registration with the government. While taking the charge of the car, look for any kinds of dents or scar marks in the car which will not be later on blamed on you. Check for insurance coverage that will be covered by the car companies if in any case you meet with any kind of accidents. And obviously check the documents from both sides so that they is no discrepancy in the deals.

Make sure you choose the types of car that you really want.  If you don’t need an SUV then just go for sedan as the cost of the petrol in Singapore is not a very cheap and it may be a wastage of money for you.

Cruise Trip to Singapore

I had a long dream to visit Singapore, the city known for serenity, hustle and bustle along with tranquility combined with finesse. It is the only place where you will be able to observe skyscrapers touching the sky, shopping centers which rival those shops all around the world along with enjoying night safari to view new animals which are unknown.

Singapore Vacations – Dream Come True

One day my dream came true when I booked a cruise to visit Singapore through a reliable booking site like easybook. Before I was in Singapore, I went to easybook kl car rental to get my car for my Malaysia vacations.  As soon as I got a confirmed ticket for Singapore, I started planning to go for shopping along with enjoying some interesting activities in the cruise like dancing on rock music and many more. The first spot in case of Singapore vacations included the Orchard Road, which is at present a world famous spot for shopping.

It was the first time I came to learn that visit in Singapore remains void without visiting Orchard Road. Till date I had heard about the Nightlife in Singapore but when saw it live, was overwhelmed with due joy and ecstasy. I saw the animals roaming thousands of acres along with enjoying the clubs and bars to wee both the time. Even the animals made the trip full of glory by the help of their mystery and dramas at night.

Singapore Never Sleeps


Afterwards, the cruise carried us to the club scene on spot itself. That day I concluded with the fact that Singapore never sleeps. Enjoyed tea and other snacks. The abundance of bars close enough to each other prevented walking from one place to another. Afterwards within hours we reached the spot of night shoppers where we enjoyed shopping. But required to have control due to limited availability of funds!!

Singapore – World Famous Spot for Food

From there we were taken to the spot which comprises of a wide variety of food. Though Singapore is known to be place of foods, we were taken to the highly recognized spot. With the presence of a wide range of array of food items, we decided to try something new. However, without tasting the Hainan’s chicken rice, it was really difficult to come back. I preferred the same with ginger garlic sauce.

The next day we were taken to the Esplanade which is famous to host performances in the form of international style was another attraction yet. It added to the color and glory associated with the place. Apart from the Singapore Zoo and Orchard Road, the Geylang District is also a place to visit in the east coast of Singapore.

Apart from holding few high rise buildings, it is considered to be the busiest place in Singapore round the clock. The mouthwatering masterpieces like chilli crab and Katong Laska drew attraction of each and every guy.

Antique Car


Antique car,

  1. How much do you love this?
  2. How much does they cost?
  3. Would you collect them for hobby?
  4. Would you raise fund to get them?
  5. Would you turn them into taxi?
  6. Would you give them away for charity?

Let’s crack this code!

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Hiring Car

Are you travelling to Malaysia? It is one of the most visited cities in the South East Asia. Whether it is for a business or commercial visit or for a private and family trip, when you visit Malaysia, you are always in need to have access to a good Malaysia car rental company. It will give you the peace of your mind that you have your very own vehicle and that will help you in reaching your destination on time, without the need to worry about taking the public transport options.

What to look for?


As you visit a new country, or even if you are a resident of the country and are visiting a city that you do not reside in, then it is very important that you have access to a good car rental company. Malaysia is a country that has many of the most visited cities in the world including Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Johor Bahru, Miri, Kuching, Kangar and more. Whether you are travelling for holiday purpose or for some other personal needs, you can hire or rent a car online from car rental services.

Get cheapest fares

When you are looking for hiring a vehicle for travelling purposes, it is needed that you hire one that will give you a good deal of affordable and cheap fares. This will make sure that you do not have to compromise on your budget. Additional discounts, special offers and deals on the cars that you are hiring are some of the factors that you must always consider as important.

Where to get the vehicle from?

Easybook car rental services is one of the most trusted and the best car rental services in the entire Malaysia. It will give you the option of having your own personal vehicle from moving from one place to the other, without much worry. No need to break your journey from one place to the other by hiring expensive taxis. If you want to explore the city with a smooth and comfortable ride, the rented cars and vehicles from this car rental service will ensure that you are comfortable on your budget and have your destinations reached on time.


They offer the best of the sedans, hatchbacks as well as SUVs, to travel with style and comfort within entire Malaysia. If you are not assured about the roads, routes and the places to travel by car, follow the maps and navigation systems. They will always take you from your travelling destination to the airports and other places you have to visit, on time, without any delay. Hire a car from them as you visit Malaysia.

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Getting Over

Life is about getting over… whatever we do … just keep going. That’s nothing right or wrong in whichever direction we go. But we must done the right way,  do not goes into the darkness. Did you watch star wars? I believe you have. The next post probably I need to do some research about renting car, been talking to my wife lately about travelling to Asian countries but do we need car? Let’s brainstorm…

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